Garden of the Rising Sun

The Garden of the Rising Sun is what remains of one of the first date gardens planted in the U.S.

It's mixture of many differant date varieties that were being tried out when date growing in America was new.

The names of these varieties are lost so we had alot of fun renaming them ourselves.

This date grove is unique becaues it is dry farmed. There is a high water table so the palms have their roots in the water and no irrigation is required. Without surface irrigation weeds won't grow in the desert, so there is little need for tractoring. This is true sustainability.

This date garden has gone through many incarnations. As one of the earliy date groves it prospered and grew to encompass quite a few acres which included a large packing shed and housing for the workers. Here refugees from the dust bowl found shelter in the thirties. Later when the price of dates droped off many of the trees were sold to developers for transplanting as ornamentals. At one time there was an artisian well on the property which spang out of the ground on its' own accord. As more farms were established and began pumping water the well stoped flowing.This site was a haven for hippies in the sixties. Later it was purchased by a leader of the Muslim community of Los Angeles as a retreat center. Today the tall palms tower above the desert floor. The buildings are gone, and surounding area is returning to its' natural state.

For the pasted 22 years we've tended about an acre of dates here on a rental basis.

This date garden is featured in our video Harvest High.